DogSmith Transitional Call #1 – Setting up your website


The tasks on these calls have been set up in a specific way to expedite your transition. Please complete them in the correct order. Only submit requested information via the forms provided.  Before you transition onto the next call please check in with Sharon Nettles to cross reference everything is complete.


  1. First listen to the audio call
  2. Read the assignments below and then ......
  3. Complete this form which gathers the first set of information we need to get you all set up on the DogSmith website Please click here for the form



Brand Standards - Please download and become familiar with your DogSmith Brand Standard Manual. Click here. You will refer to this to ensure you correctly use the licensed trademarks and systems.

DogSmith Domain Name. You will need to purchase a URL for your territory name. For example, if your territory is DogSmith of Charlotte then purchase www. You can buy your URL from

  • This will be the URL you put into your DogSmith branded email signature and can be used/given to existing clients to by-pass the home page of the website. Your individual domain will be forwarded to your DogSmith home page
  • Your Website Landing Page – Please forward to us please the following for your website page - see form to use above
    1. Your bio. Around 450 words about you. Do not use industry jargon. Make it fun and light hearted. Answer the following questions

                                                    i.     Why and how you can help clients

                                                   ii.     Which pets you share your life with

                                                  iii.     A little bit about you, your passion etc. – focused on pets

Please forward us a nice high resolution picture of you and your pets in full color please

Please email us your credentials and any corresponding logos or badges - see form to use above

BARKS Manual - Please begin to read the DogSmith BARKS Manual.  Not all of these assignments will be relevant to you so please use these checklists here as your guide for submitting assignments. 

Bi-Weekly Monthly Operational Calls - Schedule in your calendar to attend the DogSmith bi-weekly operational calls. They are on Mondays at 10 am EST. Request for your name to be added to the meetign schedule so you receive an invitation email.  Information regarding the Go To Webinar link can be found here

FACE Book Group - Say hello to your fellow DogSmiths in the DogSmith Facebook Group. When you are ready to be introduced to the DogSmith family please email me and I will add you.

Dropbox Folder - Join and have a look through the DogSmith Business Owner Dropbox Folder. Artwork and marketing materials are placed in here.

DogSmith LOGOS - Rick Ingram will email you a link to a  Dropbox folder with a selection of  DogSmith logos. 

DogSmith Email Address – Your DogSmith email address is your first initial/last name @ We will use this email for all official business. You can set up your email in Outlook or through Gmail. If you need help please contact for Gmail and Niki Tudge for Outlook. In the short term you can access it through GoDaddy here

Your DogNostics Access.  You will be issued a user account for DogNostics. Your user access will be determined by the licenses you purchased from DogSmith. If you need an orientation session to show you how to access the modules, then please contact Rebekah King

PayPal Email Address – please advise us which email address you use for your PayPal account so it can be set up on your website. If you do not have a PayPal account, then you will need to register for one

 Helpful Email Addresses

Testimonials - add to your website some of your client testimonials