Boston North Virtual Dog Training & Behavior Consulting

Get Virtual! Train From Home – It’s Fun, Effective and Safe!

Nobody is happy about all of the new restrictions being placed on our daily lives.  But let’s make the most of your Self-Isolation and Social Distancing by keeping all family members mentally enriched and physically active, especially our furry family members. Now is the time to benefit from virtual customized professional training from Your local DogSmith!

Everyone seems to be doing it now but going virtual is not new to the DogSmith. In addition to our group and private lessons and consultation, we also specialize in dog training and behavior consultations via phone, skype or other online platforms. Yes, that’s right, we have been offering clients full training services, support, and coaching via the internet for more than half a decade. Now more than ever these services are providing a crucial lifeline to those of you who, from the comfort and safety of your own home, want to:

  1. Train your puppy.
  2. Work on pet manners and individual training skills.
  3. Solve a behavioral problem such as reactivity, growling or barking.
  4. Learn how to provide at-home enrichment for your dog to help alleviate stress and frustration.
  5. Learn to speak dog and create happy and safe kid-dog interactions.

While nothing can replace the experience of an in-person session, these phone or video conference consultations can be invaluable. They are fun, easy and they work! Especially critical as we all limit our outside activities.

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The Process:

  1. Complete our private training form so we know what you would like to achieve.
  2. If you are scheduling a behavior consultation, then please complete this more detailed form here Behavior Consulting.
  3. We will then contact you to arrange your session or package elements and to finalize payment.
  4. After the successful submission of your payment and the training information form, we will schedule your appointments.
  5. We will email you your personal training link to use for your lesson.
  6. At the conclusion of each lesson, we will email you a summary of your training, homework assignments, appropriate videos, and handouts to support your homework and our contact details
  7. Between lessons, we will provide email and telephone support to help you meet your goals.

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