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For most small business owners it can be financially restrictive to develop a top class website, develop branded marketing materials, client handouts, business apps and client interface systems. It can also be time prohibitive to develop all the tools and resources you need to support your brand and market your product. On top of that you have to ponder how you can achieve expertise at financially managing your business, developing a marketing plan, hiring and training employees, and all the other nuances of running an effective and profitable business.

Going It Alone Is Too Expensive

Think about how much it would cost you to start up your business and then operate it each month:

Typical start up fees, just the absolute necessities

  1. Website - average for a professional website $650.00 this dos not include monthly hosting, backups and tweaks
  2. Marketing collateral – design of just two pieces that invoke a professional marketeer and a graphic designer $500.00
  3. Purchase group training and private training apps $600.00 with ongoing monthly expenses
  4. Email account - $50.00

Then you will have ongoing monthly fees like this, these are just the basics!

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The DogSmith Provides So Much More 

As a DogSmith you get so much more, without the worry of website updates and other off the cuff expenses you have not planned for!  There are more than 20 Reasons To Join!

Here, at The DogSmith, we are sitting on tens of thousands of dollars of business and marketing tools and resources that we want to share with competent, ethical and highly motivated pet professionals. The investment to join the DogSmith is less than it would cost you to go it alone, and the nominal monthly fee that covers the cost of all these resources will make you smile rather than grimace. 



  • The DogSmith trademarks and reputable trustworthy brand recognition.
  • Access and support with our proprietary training system, On Task Skill Coaching.
  • Access and support with people training skills.
  • Customer service center.
  • More than 15 group class service options.
  • Multiple pet care, dog walking and slumber party service options.
  • Private training, latch-key training, board and train, and behavior consultation service options.
  • Licensed service products that are tested, reliable and effective.
  • Mentoring and peer supervision.
  • A toll-free vanity number (USA only).
  • A protected DogSmith territory.
  • High quality website with personalized pages.
  • DogSmith email address for business owner.
  • Search locator to help clients find you.
  • Online booking forms for board and training, private training, group training and behavior consultations.
  • Group class software for scheduling and listing classes and receiving client payments.
  • DogSmith private training application for on-the-job appointment management and client communication. 
  • Online behavior change program software and forms to support quality customer service.
  • Financial forms to help you manage your bookkeeping and financial forecasting.
  • Business tools for your daily operations.
  • Human resource forms.
  • Training and development knowledge base manuals.
  • Group class curriculum.
  • Over 40 client training handouts.
  • Educational articles and videos.
  • Skill videos for more than 20 training skills.
  • More than 20 proven pieces of marketing collateral.
  • Pet sitting software preferred pricing.
  • Support and ongoing educational access to our sister company, DogNostics Career College certificates and diploma programs.
  • Business startup support.
  • Marketing plans, manuals and best practices.
  • Industry best practice implementation.
  • Dog Bite Safety Education through Doggone Safe membership and access to a FREE electronic Be a Tree Teacher Kit. 

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