Review Your Documentation & Application Process

  1. Download a copy of our license Agreement and our DogSmith Recitals Rights & Responsibilities Agreement regarding the DogSmith Trademarks” legalese warning" Don't be intimidated by the legalese language. This is a standard Trademark Agreement that defines rights of use. In short, we give you permission to use all our Trademarks, systems and standards. 



License Agreement

DogSmith Recitals Rights & Responsibilities Agreement



  1. Register now and complete the application form. We will contact you to set up a telephone or webcast consultation.
  2. Download the DogSmith License Agreement and Trademark Recitals from the PDF links above.
  3. Email us to confirm you would like to receive your “Acceptance Form”
  4. We will then send you a short “Acceptance Form” to sign and acknowledge that you are in receipt of the licensing agreement and recitals document. You can download these here too
  5. Once the form is signed we will then send you a PayPal invoice to cover your application fee
  6. A month after you join you will be asked to set up a PayPal subscription button for your agreed monthly fee
  7. As soon as we receive these documents and your payment we will then initiate your transition into The DogSmith family.