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To highlight the importance of cleaning up after your pets to help protect our drinking water, aPaws has established the first week of April as International Pooper Scooper week.

Washington County, FL, April 1, 2010 – In recognition of International Pooper Scooper Week, The DogSmith National Dog Training and Pet Care Franchise encourages all animal lovers to support The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (aPaws) by cleaning up after your pets.  aPaws was founded in 2002 by a group of professional pooper scoopers who want to make everyone aware of the importance of  picking up and properly disposing of pet waste.  With the growing number of dogs and other pets in the US, pet waste can pose a health hazard and it is disgusting in our yards, parks and public areas.  Most cities have recognized the growing problem of pet waste and have adopted pooper-scooper laws requiring owners clean up after their pet or risk hefty fines.   In addition to the risk of fines and the unpleasant odor and unsightly mess which can keep pet owners from using their yards and enjoying public areas, uncollected pet waste attracts disease-carrying insects and can breed harmful bacteria.  A number of common parasites, including roundworm, are transmitted through dog feces and when infected dog waste is left on the ground, the eggs of parasites can linger in the soil for years.  Pet waste is a problem all animal lovers face but it is one of the easiest of all pollutants to control if everyone does their part by picking up after their pet’s waste at home and while out and about.

If you can't pick up the pet waste yourself then you can always hire a professional pooper scooper to do it for you. There are hundreds of pooper scooper companies around the U.S. committed to making your yard or neighborhood poop-free. For more information on the hazards of dog waste or to locate an aPaws member professional pooper scooper, visit and use their convenient Find-A-Scooper Directory to find a scooper near you. Or visit to locate your local DogSmith who also offers DogSmith Yard Services.
About The DogSmith - The DogSmith Franchise Services Inc. is a Florida based company whose mission is to enhance the lives of pets and their owners by improving their relationship, and the quality of the life they share, through providing professional support and training to pet dog owners, supporting and assisting animal shelters and rescue organizations to minimize the number of unwanted animals and offering affordable and professional care to family pets so that pet ownership is never a burden. To learn more about The DogSmith, or to become a DogSmith Dog Trainer, visit or call 1-888-364-7648.