Three aflatoxin recalls in about a week - this is becoming very interesting.

Aflatoxins in Corn, read this report.

  • Advanced Animal Nutrition recalled several lots of its dry Dog Power Dog Food due to aflatoxin levels above the acceptable limit.
  • In another recall of dry dog food for elevated levels of aflatoxin, Cargill Animal Nutrition on Wednesday said it was pulling two regional brands ...
  • A couple of weeks ago it was a 'product pull' of several varieties of Iams Pet Foods due to "elevated aflatoxin levels".  This time it is an official recall "due to aflatoxin levels that were detected above the acceptable limit."  Product recalled Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy Food.

The problem with all these recalls is that it is so difficult to reach the consumer as they are sold over the counter. Nobody knows who purchased them or if they are even aware of the danger to their pets. Another of the reasons i use and recommend Life's Abundance food.  It is purchased directly from them and shipped to your door. The food is made in small quantities and from each Batch two bags are kept on the shelf for quality control. If there were ever a problem, and there never has been a problem, the company can reach you directly to let you know.

Do some research on them. Visit this site. Learn about the ingredients, the integrity of the company and the product formulator and do  a comparison against your current food.