As with most things I complete successfully there is a cadre of people to thank for their belief in me and their support in my ventures. First, my best friend and partner Rick Ingram. This is probably the only writing project I have ever undertaken that he was not roped into right from the start. This left him with the single role of supportive partner, one he fulfills so very well. Thank you for all your patience, tolerance and unwavering support of everything I do. Thank you to Rick too for all the graphics he developed to help make some of the many concepts easier to explain.

Many thanks and much appreciation to Susan Nilson for so diligently editing and reediting this book. Susan is always an absolute pleasure to work with. It was hugely beneficial to have her on my team, not only as an excellent journalist, but also a Professional Canine Behavior Consultant who could question and address concepts to ensure they were well fleshed out.

Thank you to Angelica Steinker for her insistence that I actually write this and for all of you who are now holding it in your hands preparing to read it. It warms my heart to believe that this effort may positively impact the lives of more pets and their professional trainers through enhanced private and group class teaching methods.

And a big shout out to all of the people that I work closely with at The DogSmith, The Pet Professional Guild, DogNostics Career College, The Pet Professional Accreditation Board and Doggone Safe. They were happy to pick up any of my slack when I locked myself away for long periods of writing during May and June 2015.

Last but not least, thank you to Denise O’Moore for the facial graphics of Gizmo and Bailey and her great work on developing the front and back covers. I highly recommend Denise and her company, Mighty Dog Graphics.