I just concluded a 30 minute romp with my dogs and Lilly. I watched with pleasure and enjoyment as they chased each other, romping in and out and through the stream, and then jumping into the pond for a clean off swim.
They rolled in duck poop, wrestled in donkey droppings and enjoyed the simple pleasures in life, freedom and carefree fun with their guardian.
I am so thankful for all that they teach me. They make me humble; teach me patience and the recognition that they are so vulnerable without our proper care.
I am conscious each and every day of the huge responsibility I have towards making sure they are well cared for and I shoulder this responsibility proudly. I am a responsible dog owner.
Think carefully before you bring an animal into your home, plan and prepare and recognize it is a decision for life. Don’t breed or buy, adopt or rescue a dog and give more of our canine companions the life they so surely deserve.

Happy Turkey Day!