"We pamper them. We take them wherever we go. We spoil them with gifts and treats. They even get presents for holidays, birthdays and special occasions. They are our pets!" (APPA Pet Product Trend Report 2009).

71.4 Million Americans have a pet – that’s 62% of American households. 38.2 million Americans own cats and 45 million Americans own dogs. Financial analysts at a meeting of industry experts held in 2008 discussed how the pet industry may be resilient to the economic downturn. And it appears they were correct. Not only are more households pet owners but owners are spending increasingly more on their furry critters.

In 2009, 45 billion dollars will be spent across the US Pet Industry, a 2 Billion dollar increase from 2008. The expenditure in pet products and services is no longer restricted to the necessities such as food and veterinary visits. Owners are now investing in high-end pet products, state of the art services and designer clothing.

The trends in pet ownership in America coupled with the increase in what pet owners are willing to spend makes it the right time to join the exploding pet industry.

Join The DogSmith, the only pet Industry franchise in the United States that offers five businesses under one business model -

There are multiple streams of income from each of these five and a premium range of retail supplies such as dog toys, training products and apparel.

About Us-The DogSmith
Founded in 1998 by Niki Tudge, a leading proponent of positive animal training techniques, The DogSmith was always an organization destined to lead the pack.
Long recognized as an expert in America and the U.K., Niki was one of the first to recognize the disconnect between the needs of today's pet-loving American families and the confusing, sometimes overwhelming and often misguided options provided by many unregulated dog training and pet care companies. Niki watched as, time and time again, dog lovers struggled to live comfortably with their pets. Niki has used her unique combination of "people" teaching expertise and dog training skills to create a proprietary system of education known as ARRF©.

DogSmith Revenue Generation Areas

  1. DogSmith Dog Training
    – Private Lessons
    – Group Lessons
    – Retail Sales of toys, training aids and apparel
  2. DogSmith Dog Walking
    – Private Walks
    – Dog Park Romps
  3. DogSmith Pet Sitting
    – Home Alone Visits
    - Lunch and Dinner Breaks
    – Canine Slumber Parties
  4. DogSmith Pet Nutrition Partnership
    – Dog and Cat Food
    – Treats
    – Supplements
  5. DogSmith Pet Waste Cleanup
    – Residential Accounts
    – Commercial Accounts
    – Retail Sales and service of Pet Waste Stations and Supplies

 Why refer your clients to your competition?

Steps to Becoming a DogSmith

  1. Initial Phone Call: The president and founder of The DogSmith will explain The DogSmith training and business philosophy with you and answer any of your questions.
  2. DogSmith Franchise Profile and Application: Our profile and application form is designed to help us get to know you and will provide us with information on your background, experience and skills. This information indicates whether you will potentially qualify for a DogSmith franchise. This form also gives us the opportunity to understand your goals and concerns.
  3. Second Phone Interview; A second discussion will take place with the Franchise Development Manager to review your Franchise Application form and your eligibility to join The DogSmith.
  4. Franchise Disclosure: We will review the Franchise Documents with you. The Franchise Disclosure addresses the legal and technical aspects of owning a DogSmith business. We will also provide you with information about The DogSmith Franchise Services head office and your relationship as an independent business owner.
  5. Due Diligence: By talking to current DogSmith Franchise Owners you will gain valuable firsthand perspective on our business. You will be welcome to speak with as many DogSmiths as you like.
  6. Territory Selection: Using demographic data, we will work with you to determine the exact boundaries of your exclusive DogSmith territory.
  7. Systems: You will learn more about the tools and techniques The DogSmith uses to operate their business from marketing to finances. Our Franchise Development Manager will explain the training program and the comprehensive pre-work required prior to training.
  8. Discovery: You are welcome to visit the DogSmith Training Center and learn more about our training program, philosophy and observe DogSmith Dog Training methods.

Decision and Acceptance: After the steps above, you will know if The DogSmith is the right business for your future, and we will know if you are DogSmith material. Together, we can make a decision about the business 

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