DogSmith guests, Iines and Minni relax in the sun

I have just had the pleasure of two gorgeous girls enjoying a mini DogSmith Vacation with me.  The following is a conversation I had with the eldest girl on their last day of stay, after a short training session:

DogSmith: “All finished.
Beagle: “What do you mean all finished? I think you have some treats left in your pocket. Let me check.”

DogSmith: “There are no treats in my pocket.”
Beagle:  “What about this pocket?”  Sniffs my other pocket.

DogSmith: “Nope. All finished. There aren’t any treats in that pocket either.
Beagle: Jumps up to sniff. “What about in your top pocket?

DogSmith: “I don’t have a top pocket.”

Beagle: “Can’t you get some more?  You must have some more somewhere.”  Continues to sniff every inch of me.

Me: “You’ve had enough.”
Beagle: “I’m a beagle. I’ve never had enough. I’m starving!

Me: “You don’t look like you’re starving. You’ve had loads to eat.
Beagle: “No, I haven’t, you forgot to feed me.

Iines enjoys a refreshing homemade doggy ice-cream cube served in a Zogoflex West Paw Tux

DogSmith: “I didn’t forget to feed you!”
Beagle: “I’m on holiday. You’re meant to eat more when you’re on holiday.”

DogSmith: “You have eaten more. You’ve had a special treat every day!”
Beagle: “No, I haven’t. I’m starving. I’ve had much less than normal.”

DogSmith: “No, you haven’t. You’ve had your normal food and on day one you also had some homemade doggy ice-cream; on day two you had some mackerel; on day three you had some hake and on day four you had another doggy ice-cream! That’s not to mention, your training treats.
Beagle:  “Lady, you must think I’m stupid. I know you take the training treats out of my daily allowance – They are not extra!”

DogSmith: “Okay, you’ve got me there, but the doggy ice-cream cubes and fish were extra. Anyway, that’s it. There’s nothing left.”
Beagle: “Listen lady, I am absolutely starving, let’s go and check the fridge. I bet my dinner is in there.”

DogSmith : “You already ate your dinner.”

Minni enjoys her doggy ice-cream, made from banana, yogurt and a dash of peanut butter

Beagle: “Pretty please.” (Sad eyed look)

DogSmith: “Okay, I give in. Let’s go get you a treat.”

Beagle eats treat.

Beagle: Sniffing pockets again. “I think you forgot to feed me.  I’m starving!  I’m sure you have some treats left in your pocket. Let me check…”

Later that night while undressing a treat falls out of my pocket.  I should have known that a beagle’s nose never lies!

Thank you for a fun-filled, nose sniffing, four days, Iines and Minni! - The DogSmith of Estepona.

#DogSmith Vacations and Slumber Parties

You can watch a few highlights from Iines and Minni's DogSmith Vacation below.

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