6  Important New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Dog in 2011 By Niki Tudge- The DogSmith

We can do this!



We all know that many of us set New Year’s Resolutions and as the year progresses they begin to fade. This leaves us feeling frustrated, first we have not accomplished what we set out to do and then we feel like a 'loser' as we have failed our own expectations.

I don't know about your but in our home I always put other things as a priority before myself, 'they say as women we tend to do this".  Anyway this year I thought it would be fun to develop some New Year’s Resolutions for my pets as I never let them down. So I now know if all else fails with my other resolutions I will at least have accomplished some.

Here are my top 6 New Year’s Resolutions for you to accomplish with your Dog. They are not in order of priority, just the way they came out when I began to think about it.

1.      Enhance Your Canine-Human Relationship “The DogSmith's MTR training eBook is a fantastic resource for all families who are looking to build and maintain basic manners, skills and most of all bonds!  This easy to use step by step guide is beautifully designed in a way that invites success for both owner and dog.  Once you have this in your hands you will know exactly what you need and how to begin teaching your dog in a fun and rewarding way” (Jennifer Shryock B.A. CDBC - Creator of Dogs & Storks

2.      Get Your Annual Veterinarian Examination. Many pet owners underestimate the importance of an annual physical exam because their pet seems healthy.  Annual exams provide an opportunity to prevent diseases, detect them early, or even avoid them altogether. Many diseases and ailments such as heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes are not often evident in early stages. Your veterinarian can conduct a comprehensive exam that includes a lab analysis, heart check, and dental exam to ensure top physical shape and optimum health for years to come. Read more

3.      Become a More Responsible Pet Dog Owner. I believe owning a dog is a privilege not a right.  It should be a privilege to own one and a responsibility to care for it. So in 2011 enroll your dog into a ‘Canine Good Citizen™ program. Started in 1989, the CGC™ Program is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. Not only will your dog learn some really nice manners and be awarded a certificate but you will also have to sign ‘The Owners Pledge which details your role in the partnership. Read more


4.      Teach Your Dog To Walk Nicely. Let’s take the ‘choke’ out of training a ‘walk nicely behavior’ and replace it with clear concise instructions that builds your dog’s behavior repertoire, sets your dog up for success and rewards them when they get it right. This is a far more pleasant situation for both owner and dog. In addition to being an ineffective training method, there are real health concerns when a dog’s head is jerked around. Read more

5.      Improve Your Pet's Diet. In the pet industry probiotics are now one of the key ingredients that pet food buyers look to find in the ingredient list of their pet food. However not all foods are alike and there are differing methods used to incorporate probiotics into the manufacturing process of pet food. These methods range from spraying the probiotics onto cooked, dried kibble to the use of microencapsulated forms of probiotics that are introduced prior to the cooking process. Read more


6.      Get A PAL Tag Research has shown that most pets that are lost and returned home safely are wearing a collar or tag with their owner's contact details. Here at the DogSmith®  our number one priority is to keep your beloved pet safe and secure. This includes helping you find your pet in the event they are lost. Every DogSmith Pet Care & Training client is eligible for a complimentary identification tag and free registration on our DogSmith PAL® database. The identification tag is imprinted with our toll free number and a unique serial number. Learn more about our PAL® tag system


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