Did you know that Coprophagy is a very common and most undesirable behavior among pet dogs?

In a research paper developed by the biology department at Colorado State University results found that 49% of domestic dogs have attempted to eat feces at some point in their life and 28% of dogs are currently engaged in coprophagous behavior.

As you can imagine most dog owners are disgusted when they see their dogs engage in this behavior and they go to great lengths to prevent, stop or manage it.

Treatments range from products designed to alter the actual fecal compound to the placement of an aversive substances on the fecal matters such as pepper or hot sauce. Other methods simply address the actual behavior such as direct punishment when it occurs.

There has been little research done on this topic which is surprising given how many dogs engage in this behavior. Treatments vary and  In some cases there is a belief that illnesses can trigger this behavior. Research does indicate that this behavior is controllable. Contact your local DogSmith to discuss behavior change options but first as with any problematic behavior rule out any medical conditions through a visit to your vet.

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